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School Assembly August 30, 2013
August 30, 2013.
The school assembly was conducted by Insha Pandit of Mars House today.

"The assembly was about life - how precious it is, and how some people waste their lives complaining about the things they don't have and not appreciating the things God has gifted them.

It was about how people spend their whole lives worrying about the little things (the sand) which are not even important and lose sight of what's truly important (the rocks).

It was about how when we are young, we enjoy life, and how when we get older, life seems to become more and more unfair and when we turn fifty, how we start understanding what life is all about.

Last, but not the least, it was about facing every difficulty life throws at us with courage, and enjoying every moment of our lives."

Insha Pandit

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Insha Pandit

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